Asus RT-N10E Router - Setup Help Needed!

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  1. Black_Hawk

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    Hello :)

    I recently bought an Asus RT-N10E Wireless N150 Router, this one:

    Asus RT-N10E Wireless-N150 Router | Router |

    Now, I have an Airtel broadband unlimited (2MBPS) connection and along with that the Beetel 220BX ADSL2+ Modem given by Airtel. I was wanting to connect this Beetel modem to my new Asus router but need help as I have never setup a wireless router before. Can someone please guide me with the steps needed to set it up.

    P.S. Just thought of mentioning this: I have a LAN cable that connects my bedroom (about 90 feet) away from my PC room (presently I use a D-Link switch which I will no longer use after setting up the new router) and would also connect that cable to the back of the new router in one of the LAN ports. Hope this will work.

  2. dinjo

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    You need to set the Modem in bridge mode.
  3. OP

    Black_Hawk Well-Known Member

    ^^ Errr... a little step by step procedure would be highly appreciated.

    BIKeINSTEIN Well-Known Member

    Call ASUS toll free helpline (1800 2090 365) and mention you need to setup your new router. They will do the needful.
    Update us with your experience once done. :)
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  5. 6pack

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    I dont have this particular model of router but it says plug and surf easy installation.
    Do these.

    Plug lan from comp to beetel modem. Since you have unlimited bb, set the modem to ppoe mode, so modem dials and net is always on. Set dhcp on in modem. Save settings , restart modem.

    In your computer, in network properties, set ipv4 settings to get ip address automatically. This is important since lan and wan cannot be in same group of address.
    ex if previous lan was in range, you WAN address coming from router will be in range.

    You can set google dns servers in dhcp if required.
    primary   # thumb-rule - fastest dns server should be set as primary, second fastest as secondary. upto 4 dns servers can be set for backup. you already get 2 from your isp.
    Switch off router if its on. Unplug cable from modem and put it into wan port of router. Plug computer lan cable to router. Then switch on router.
    The router will do the rest of the job automatically. It may have an auto installer which will ask you to set wireless name and passwords if required. write them down in a safe place.
    you just need to check ipconfig to see which is your gateway.
    The gateway may be mentioned in router settings guide.
    By default, most wireless routers set frequency to 2.4GHz. check this with some phone or something having wifi enabled if possible.
  6. Edrill

    Edrill Well-Known Member

    How do you currently connect? My guess is that when the Airtel guys set it up for you, they set your modem do dial out, i.e., in PPPoE mode. You'll need to get into the modem setup interface using the IP address ( by default) and change the modem to bridge mode. I think the default username/password to access the modem's interface is admin/password, assuming it's not been changed. Don't really remember the interface for the 220BX but it should be somewhere under WAN setup or something like that. It'll currently show you PPPoE mode with your Airtel username and password. You'll just need to change that to Bridge mode.

    Once that is done, on the router setup interface, you'll need to change the internet connection type to PPPoE and put in your Airtel username and password since now your router would be handling the dialing out duties instead of your modem. That should take care of your internet connection.

    Next step would be wireless. Change the SSID from the default to whatever you want. Again, don't know too much about the Asus router interface, but if there's an option for Auto under channels, don't go for it! It'll be a bit of trial and error, but try different channels and see which gives you the best range/speed and stick to that. For wireless security, stick to WPA2-AES.

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