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Discussion in 'Mobiles and Tablets' started by evilwit, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. evilwit

    evilwit Active Member

    hey guys i am back again!!!!
    i once again need help from you i want to buy asus infinity pad.i have increased my budget.i have decided to go for this tablet as this is the only 10 inch hd tablet in the market with 4G/(xcept ipad as i dont like ios) i am facing few problems.according to "Mr.Google" there are various models of infinity pad.i need the 4g/3g one.but this model is only officially released in Germany how can i get this 3g model?please help.i can buy online if the site is trusted.can this model be available in china or thailand even if its not released there?i am saying china because china has a big electronic market.i want only the tablet not the dock.

    and also tell me if there other 10 inch hd 3g tablets available?
    what about xperia z tablet?when will it release?will it be under 500$?

    i have a note 2 and it has WiFi hot spot,so if infinity 3g is not available and i have to settle down for non-cellular one,so how will note 2's WiFi hot spot work for me?and if i have to settle down for non -cellular tablet,how is nexus 10?what about its light bleed issue?is it present in every piece?between nexus 10 and infinity,which should i buy?please reply.thanks.
  2. unni

    unni Active Member

    I have a Transformer TF700. While its an excellent tablet otherwise, there is one big issue (called as IO lag or IO issue) I really hate about.
    Check out the below video to understand what I am talking about: ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity Lag During Background IO - YouTube
    I will never buy a device with a problem like that.

    While I dont know if its 3g, I saw somewhere that better resolution (in the 2500x range) tablets are coming from Samsung soon. Not sure though were I saw that. And the S pen they have is better than normal stylus.
  3. OP

    evilwit Active Member

    i hope this issue can be fixed by upgrading to jellybean
  4. chaitu.genius

    chaitu.genius Active Member

    No,it is a hardware issue.
    Asus used a cheap memory controller to save money and this is the result of it.
    Using the web browsing is a chore becasue of this,rest all functions work fine.
    I had sold away my Prime for the same reason
  5. unni

    unni Active Member

    Yeah, as chaitu said, its a hardware limitation. I believe even some batches of Nexus 7 had the same problem. Right now, I am running CROMI 3.1 (see xda forum). This seem to have reduced the lag somewhat, and with some other tweaks, browser is more than usable now. And the latest CM10 development thread talks about some other workarounds and kernel updates from Asus. I haven't read it properly though.
  6. unni

    unni Active Member

    Hey man, I did a factory reset today and installed CROMI 3.2.2. The tablet is very smooth and fast. Ofcourse, if you try to download torrents, the lag issue comes into picture. For other uses, its very smooth now. The only app I feel somewhat slow is FlipBoard. But that could be the app issue as well. So, in case you are planning to buy it, I feel you can go ahead provided you are ready to unlock and install CROMI (which in itself is a simple 15 mins task, but will loose warranty). Do read as much as you can from XDA TF700 sub-forum though.

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