Any Udemy course for 700 Rupee.

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    Hi fellas!
    Udemy is offering all of it's courses @ 700 rupees each. The offer ends in 5 hours 55 minute 55 seconds. So if you are looking for any thing, hurry now!

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    Well! It is updated as I was posting the thread. Now it is showing "Top Courses from ₹770" and the time left is 21 days.
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  2. 6pack

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    no need to hurry. this 650 / 700 sale is always there all through out the year.
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  3. OP

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    When I was looking for the course "Piano For All" in February ,it was for 2100/- . Then I saw today that it is (and all the other courses are) available for 770/- . So I thought it may be useful to community. If it is not a hot deal then mods can close the thread. :)
  4. Party Monger

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    Its always at that price. Deal was last year when price went to 300-400ish. If you search, go to the page and leave, you'll get this price in ads later for same course. Register on their website and you'll get emails for the same too.

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