AMD HD3D with Samsung UA40ES6200R "Gaming in Active 3D AMD Style"

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    So since i was home alone i had a chance to satisfy my curiosity about AMD HD3D and normal 3D TV's. I have played a lot with 120Hz TN displays in the form of Nvidia 3D Vision 2 which my friend has and is much too expensive in my view for a TN display even if its 27inch's. I mean spending around Rs.50,000 on something that changes colors even if seen seen with a little tilted head is just stupid i was impressed with the performance of the Nvidia 3D Vision 2 but its not worth the price tag at all :( 3D angles on that Asus display VG278 is truly worthless.

    1 month back we were in the market for a new LED-LCD because our old one died, i suggested a 3D and somehow everyone agreed. I had some other intentions :p than just to use it for 3D blu rays. The model we choose was the UA40ES6200R instead of the UA40ES6800R because it does not have Triple Protector which is necessity here. I could not try the AMD HD3D with the TV till now because i was too lazy too carry my setup to the living room and no one would let me carry a Rs.80,000 TV to my room.

    Enter the AMD HD3D all you need to do is download the latest tridef software and make sure your catalyst is up to date. The setup and drive is super easy much more than Nvidia 3D setup all you need to do is select AMD HD3D tech in manufacture and AMD HD3D (1.4a) on the display tab and you are good to go tridef will search for all the games and you can launch them in 3D from its Ignite panel. The software did not pick up all my games it picked up Farcry 3 and Crysis but not Unreal tournament 3, NFS HP or Prototype 2 i had to add them manually.




    Its amazing when i set 3D perspective to max but its not all rosy there is a slight cross talk problem in 3D with max 3D perspective, it goes away when 3D perspective is at mid. You will notice the 3D is very good in gaming more so than movies its worth the setup and the 3rd party software.
    Also please note that according to GPUz my 7770 crossfire was not working in a proper manner the first gpu was doing much more work than the other one it might be game/driver/tridef bug not sure when or if it will be rectified.


    Its much more VFM than the Nvidia 3D Vision 2 setup which only comes with 1 3D glass and a 27inch 1080P TN screen, if you want another 3D glass you need to dish out 8K more. In case of Samsung UA40ES6200R we got 2 free active 3D glasses free the panel is also S-PVA so you get much better images than the TN in the Nvidia kit. There are a few problem with this setup and you need to do your research so i will write some pointers that will help you buy a good capable screen:

    1. Only get Active 3D panels no Passive 3D, its murder for gaming and not that great for movies.
    2. You have to make sure that the TV supports ARC because according to HDMI specs 1.4 onward ARC is supported and 1.4a is a must for AMD HD3D. Here is a screen from a Samsung Tv see the Audio return channel box thats what you want make sure your new TV has this feature its a tell tail sign your TV's HDMI is 1.4+.


    4. Make sure your TV supports minimum 1080p 30Hz Frame Sequential such as my Samsung displays, 6Hz more makes a difference.
    3. When you do start gaming make sure its in Frame Sequential and not in Side by Side because SBS decreases the quality a lot and its very apparent.

    Overall its a good experience in fast paced FPS such as Unreal tournament not as great as Nvidia 3D Vision 2 setup this is due to the 30Hz and the slightly higher input lag. In driving games it was excellent the effect is great even better than Nvidia 3D Vision 2 because of bigger screen, Games such as Prototype and GTA result in a wonderful experience and a definite plus.
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    Nice write-up.
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    so we can't get displays bigger than 27 inch compatible with nvidia 3d vision 2?and where did your friend get the nv kit?please tell me...i am very intrigued by the concept of 3d gaming,should i invest in the nv kit or the amd solution?which is better?
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    Here is your answer -- Nvidia 3D Vision Vs. AMD HD3D: 18 Games, Evaluated : The State Of 3D Gaming.

    For nVidia 3D Surround you need the 3D Vision Kit from the same which costs ~10000/- -->12000/- apart from an nVidia card with enough muscle to push sufficient pixels on the screen + 3D effect.
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    Yes you can but its not as easy as AMD approach first of all NVIDIA 3DTV Play software is hard to work with in terms of normal 3D TV's. If your TV is not listed here its not officially supported and you will have to use lot of work arounds and there is no surety it will work. We tried connecting a LG 3D passive display which was not in the list to the computer using the 3DTV Play software but it just did not work.

    For the pricing there are two ways you can go either buy a display with an inbuilt 3D emitter "like my friend" or buy a whole kit and a 3D 120Hz display.

    1.Asus VG278H was around 50K when my friend bought it from Nehru Place, it has an integrated 3D emitter and also includes one 3D glasses "No need to buy anything else"

    2. Buy Nvidia 3d vision 2 "12K" and display 120Hz such as my Samsung HDTV "80K"

    So in Nvidia case you will need to spend a total of 92K for the same setup as you will get with AMD for 81K.

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