AMD Announces Official Price-Cuts for Ryzen Processors

Discussion in 'Latest Technology News' started by Fenix, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Fenix

    Fenix Radhey Krishan

    Following its Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G socket AM4 APU announcement, AMD announced price cuts for its Ryzen family of processors, across the board. These are official price cuts, and not seasonal retailer discounts. The price cuts have been made in a bid to make its existing socket AM4 Ryzen processors more competitive against 8th generation Intel Core "Coffee Lake" processors.

    Among the notable changes, are bringing the entire Ryzen 7-series lineup under the $350-mark, with the 1800X being priced at $349, the 1700X at $309, and the 1700 non-X at $299. These changes make the three competitive against the Core i7-8700K (which is scraping the $400-mark in many places), and the i7-8700 non-K (around $330). The Ryzen 5-series six-core parts also receive much-needed price-cuts to make them competitive against the Core i5 six-core SKUs, such as the i5-8600K and i5-8400. There are marginal changes in the Ryzen 3 series and Ryzen Threadripper series. All price cuts are tabled below.

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  2. chetansha

    chetansha Well-Known Member

    Wow that's a deep cut on the top
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  3. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader Well-Known Member

    More reason not to buy Ryzen from India. :(
  4. mav2000

    mav2000 Well-Known Member

    Wonder when this will filter through to India.
  5. chetansha

    chetansha Well-Known Member

    1800x is Showing $379 on , have messages India distributors asking if they for any official comm. Reg price cut.
    Wonder what will happen to retailers who keep stock.
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  6. kippu

    kippu Well-Known Member

    perfect time for my brother to come :D :D :D
  7. Soyab0007

    Soyab0007 Gamer

    thats huge price drop
  8. TheGreatOne

    TheGreatOne Banned

    Ryzen refresh is coming in few months so this was expected.
    7nm is next year so another price cut might make 14nm affordable in India.
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  9. OP

    Fenix Radhey Krishan

    Lets see if intel replies to it.
  10. iPwnz

    iPwnz Brutally Honest

    New prices haven't been reflected in India or am I wrong? I checked it immediately after this news but prices were unchanged. Also I haven't got any mails from AMD India (I signed up with their PR and ALWAYS get any and every AMD product news) regarding the same.
    I want to see a R3 1300X Vs i3 8100 and R5 1600X Vs i5 8400/8500 (yet to be launched)/8600K price comparison.

    If you're talking about the latest 8th gen chips then why would they? I seriously doubt it. In fact I would assume that the price cut of Ryzen is also because of Intel's better 8th gen. But Intel has a problem right now. They have only the high-end Z-chipset motherboards. Lower models H and B-based boards aren't available and no official date of launch. Otherwise combining the i5 8400 and a cheap H/B board would be a great deal. Even if you buy an i3 right now you will have to go with a costly Z motherboard which gives you little benefits.
    Anyway, AMD currently is the cheaper option I guess.
  11. Lozil

    Lozil Well-Known Member

    I rarely see the price cuts reflected in India immediately. Lets hope they reflect in by end of Jan. It's been 4 years since an upgrade to my system.
  12. Emperor

    Emperor Well-Known Member

    AMD may compensate them (fair trade practice)
  13. sandeepsachin

    sandeepsachin Well-Known Member

    Ryzen 2600 is selling for 164 dollars on Amazon. Com. Is that an official price cut or part of their promotions? Can we expect price cuts here ahead of the ryzen 3 launch?
  14. chetansha

    chetansha Well-Known Member

    $149 on newegg via ebay
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  15. Soyab0007

    Soyab0007 Gamer

    with customs and shipping expensive
  16. AMG

    AMG Just another poor guy

    Whats the hype about.

    These prices have been available at Nehru Place since forever.
  17. swagatrath

    swagatrath Well-Known Member

    Ryzen 5 2600 for 150$ in India?
    That's roughly 10.5k.. Are you sure?
  18. chetansha

    chetansha Well-Known Member

    It's 13800+18% gst. No price cuts in India, been the same or +/- 500 since launch
  19. Soyab0007

    Soyab0007 Gamer

    you forgot shipping & duties
  20. sandeepsachin

    sandeepsachin Well-Known Member

    It's so funny, how we find these prices so mouth watering but in the US , it's still considered expensive taking into account that they can get a much better combo at micro center's, rebates and what not

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