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Discussion in 'Consumer Feedback' started by ashishsahu, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. ashishsahu

    ashishsahu Active Member

    On 25th june when amazon (amzn) launched other products too in the existing category, i was pretty excited to see the product i wanted at an unbelievable rate.

    this was the product i ordered paying through credit card as no COD option was available. 1TB Black

    i paid rs 4390 + 48.9 shipping charge for the product.
    Product shipping was pretty fast as in 2 days i got the product from chennai to mumbai. but when the aramex courier guy handed me the product i was surprised to see the product packaging.

    This is the whole n sole package in which HDD was there. only it was wrapped in lots of tape, no box,no bubble paper,no protection of any kind.

    This is the envelope inside which the bill was there. Note no mention of amazon anywhere

    This was the label pasted on top of the package. Again no mention of Amazon anywhere. it looks like i have ordered from supreme computers and passing the blame on amazon.

    4. [​IMG]
    Here is the "green" HDD. now i have posted everything i got. i have not thrown a single thing (not even a piece of plastic) except for the sticky brown tape which was wrapped around the package. so you can imagine how the product was shipped from chennai to mumbai. it could have easily been damaged in shipping only, if the product was correct also.

    Apparently amazon does not has any kind of payment protection mechanism like paisapay(ebay), trustpay (snapdeal). so the money goes to the seller w/o any verification of the product from the buyer

    So they told me after the product is shipped back to the seller from that day within 14 days the payment will be refunded.

    I am surprised they did not put such mechanisms in place while going online.

    So now i am at the mercy of the seller (in whom i don't have any faith) to pick up the product asap
  2. m-jeri

    m-jeri A Nobody.

    Amazon India sucks??? :S

    Sad. Their shipping system and packing here is very good.
  3. ashishsahu

    ashishsahu Active Member

    Apparently, amzn india has no quality control over packaging, nor they have any control over 3rd party sellers. this is the pathetic response i got from them


    Now i have to wait for the seller to arrange a pickup in 3 days & after the product has reached the seller, within 14 days refund would be initiated.

    what irked me that amzn does not issues any sort of complaint/docket/ref nos to the customers
  4. m-jeri

    m-jeri A Nobody.

    So Amazon India failed before starting..
  5. msankadi

    msankadi Well-Known Member

    this is pathetic...I almost ordered the same drive after you found the deal....
  6. gaurav3282

    gaurav3282 Active Member
    Disciple please read might help you.
  7. ashishsahu

    ashishsahu Active Member

    Amzn told me that if the seller asks me,i have to ship the product on my own expense and the expenses will be reimbursed. i asked them humbly, then why should not i sue you instead of shipping back the product. then they told they will tell the seller to pick from my place.
    flipkart takes back the product within 2 days, no questions asked and here they have left everything to the unscrupulous seller even when they are at fault.
    it's looking like a neighbourhood baniyawala is running the portal
  8. i_rock098

    i_rock098 Active Member

    This is really sad, i was just about to buy the same product looking at the tempting price, thank god i did not buy it,

    I suggest you keep sending mails to CS, post this even on their FB and Twitter page.
  9. ashishsahu

    ashishsahu Active Member

  10. ashishsahu

    ashishsahu Active Member

    Sure. i know i will get my money back, but never expected this from amazon. everything which can go bad went bad with them.

    They were supposed to be setting high standards for the e-tailing business
  11. i_rock098

    i_rock098 Active Member

    Since they are not directly selling the products and just listing them due to the FDI rules, their service would never match that of say Amazon US and UK,

    but still it gives them no excuse to prevent things like these from happening, they should take a leaf from ebay and implement something like paisapay to protect the consumers.
  12. Fenix

    Fenix Radhey Krishan

    Yeah,thats true. So we are stuck with SD and FK for the time being.
  13. CA50

    CA50 Well-Known Member

    My experience with was not good either. Ordered a book on 17th, seller shipped it that day itself, but thanks wo bluedart i received it yesterday, which was suppose to be on 19th or 20th.
    I got the packet, since this was my first buying from amazone, i checked the invoice and opened the packet, by removing the tapes, and my book was placed inside, with no protection other then the brown cover

    They placed no plastic cover over the book. I must say, FK/infi was much better. Next time i will think twice before buying anything from amazone
  14. rdst_1

    rdst_1 Well-Known Member

    At least their pricing will make FK price their products more sensibly and not at MRP.
  15. prateekS

    prateekS Well-Known Member

    Was the book damaged? Mine was delivered by Amazon Transportation Service, they might handle the stuff well, hence the less packing for my package?

    Dunno about yours.

    Also Amazon cannot be held responsible for bluedart delay.

    Their pricing? - Amazon does not sell.

    FK's pricing? - FK does not sell. WS Retail isn't owned by Flipkart anymore.

    Prices are set by the sellers on both sites, discount provided by Amazon/Flipkart.

    Also, even FK does not have any buyer protection unlike other sites, it is a disaster waiting to happen.
  16. rdst_1

    rdst_1 Well-Known Member

    It is their pricing as long as it is on their site for me. I have never seen FK price stuff competitively or give discounts until now. Everything was MRP.
  17. prateekS

    prateekS Well-Known Member

    I wholeheartedly agree with you, I myself never purchase from flipkart due to their ridiculous pricing, but now amazon and flipkart are just like ebay, sans the buyer protection.
  18. nitrous

    nitrous Member

    Amazon UK is no great shakes either.
    They're not what they used to be.
  19. CA50

    CA50 Well-Known Member

    No the book was not damage, but i was exppecting a better service from them in terms of packing.

    Ya i know the bluedart delay was not amazone's fault.
  20. Konquerror

    Konquerror Active Member

    I bought two books from Amazon. The packaging was not good at all. They placed the book in card box with some air pockets which where deflated by bearing the abuse of journey. One of the packets has visible impact mark on the corner which has left a ding on the book too. Not happy with the packing. However only good thing was that they matched the price of Flipkart and no shipping charges. And I received the book next day of ordering. I hope they improve the packing in future.

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