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Discussion in 'World Wide Web' started by borngenius, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. borngenius

    borngenius New Member

    hi. i am using airtel 999 unlimited plan. every now and then the net just disconnects and the WAN settings in the router says PPP down.then i would have to reboot the router to reconnect. please suggest what is to be done..

    why does this happen? its really frustrating when i keep smthing to download overnight. i get up in the morning n see PPP down n nothing downloaded.

    has this happened to anybody else?
  2. Saiyan

    Saiyan The L33t Admeen
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    lemme guess, do you have D-Link GLB-502T???

    If its true, this stupid router has a weird overheating problem:S, so when it gets heated up, it goes off:mad:. According to the D-Link Customer Care this can be solved by a firmware upgrade :S which can only be done in the service centre and they'll take 1 day to do that :|. I haven't got time to give it for firmware upgrade, will do it next week mostly. Right now i running the fan 24*7 to keep the router from overheating. oh and i don't think this is releated to the ISP.
  3. borngenius

    borngenius New Member

    hey my modem is beetel 110bx. n this problem is really bugging me. cant keep anything to download at night. airtel guy came n checked it out n said he doesnt knw why its happening..

    he said this was happening to ppl few months back but now there r no such complaints..
  4. Saiyan

    Saiyan The L33t Admeen
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    Assuming you have rented the router, ask the airtel guyz to replace with different model like 220bx.
  5. borngenius

    borngenius New Member

    ok thanx.. i ll do that tommorow n post back here..
  6. techcheat

    techcheat Active Member

    The beetle modem has an idle disconnect feature, disable that to make sure that its not causing the issue. Doesnt look like a hardware issue, rather an idle timeout one.
  7. Ambar

    Ambar Active Member

    Great news:Now my place is getting hotter due to summers and so does my modem and yesterday my net d/ced twice in the night for absolutely no reason though when i touched the 502T's lower side it was really hot.....
  8. Chief-Techie

    Chief-Techie New Member

    Router is gone Mate....i had similar it replaced...its fine now :p

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