A64Info - New CPU ID and memory tweaking tool

Discussion in 'Computer Software' started by dipdude, Apr 20, 2006.

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    You may try new version of A64Info (still not tested fully). I have updated it so it supports ODC,dividers greater than 200 (beware, it may freeze your rig). Also, one can set it even if BIOS lacks this option (ODC). So far it's tested on Venice.

    Check XS forums to get more info about this wonderful tool.
    Q: Is this tool SAFE?
    A: NO! This tool is directly reading and writing CPU registers which can freeze your CPU. In worst case freezing can break your Windows installation or maybe damage your hardware. To put it simple, author of this tool is not responsible for any damage caused by this tool.You are using it on your own risk!
    Q: Changing of what parameters is considered dangerous?
    A: CAS (freezes instantly), Odd Divisor Correct (sometime freezes, turn this option off when changing Memclk), 64/128 bit mode , Memclk (if you change value in big steps, eg from 200 -> 100), disabling Memory Clock for populated memory banks ...
    Q: How do I apply settings from command line?
    A: Simply call A64Info with settings file saved previously by A64Info:
    	A64Info <settings_file>
    	<settings_file> is placed in the same folder where A64Info executable resides
    IMPORTANT: do not use settings saved from different version of A64Info. Make sure that you are loading settings saved using current version of A64Info.
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    ooh..very nice tool...
    this would beat clockgen hands down..
    will try this & comment by tominght :)

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