77% off on life time membership at shopandship.com (Aramex)

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  1. rocker123

    rocker123 Banned

    77% off on life time membership at shopandship.com (Aramex)

    You can use coupon
    IND76348372 during registering and get is for $10 what is normally $45 for a lifetime account.


    Link: https://www.shopandship.com/my-shopandship/profile.aspx

    For people who got it for 5$ last time, congrats !!
    This time it is 10$, so live with the present... :cheers:
  2. haris5sani

    haris5sani Well-Known Member

    What are the advantages of Lifetime membership ?

    Like if I want GNex to be imported from SNS, what will be the charges ?
  3. indy1811

    indy1811 Well-Known Member

    ^There are no advantages as such. It is more like a registration fee which you have to pay. I don't think you can use their services without registering.
  4. teche

    teche Active Member

    That is ~ 550/- bucks for nothing! I would choose other sites that provide such services for free. As such we are going to pay for courier charges, why the heck this!

    They charged 5$ earlier, why 10$ now!

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