5 most important numbers in mathematics

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    5 most important numbers in mathematics


    A quirky look at five of the most important numbers in mathematics. Hear about the stark reality behind the imaginary number, try a slice of pi, find out about the natural beauty of the golden ratio, discover why some infinities are bigger than others, and see why nothing really matters.

    1. Zero

    2. Pi

    3. Golden Ratio

    4. Imaginary Number

    5. Infinity

    Makes for a Interesting Read, do check it out :thumb:



    How many shuffles does it take to randomise a pack of cards? How many colours do cartographers need? What is the largest prime number? A quirky look at five numbers that lie at the heart of some of the trickiest problems in mathematics.

    • The Number Four
    • The Number Seven
    • The Largest Prime
    • Kepler's Conjecture
    • Game Theory



    Five more mathematical biographies, looking at the histories, uses and idiosyncracies of the most special numbers.

    • 1 – the most popular number!
    • 2 - At the double.
    • 6 degrees of separation
    • 6.67 x 10^-11 – the number that defines the universe.
    • 1729 – the first taxicab number



    He visits a spherical building in Paris, hears music inspired by the symmetries of the cube, finds out why pyramids proliferate at the molecular level and why the bagel is not only good to eat, but a great shape for buildings and cracking codes. But could the most shapeless shape of all - the blob - soon dominate our world?

    • The Cube
    • The Pyramid
    • The Sphere
    • The Bagel
    • The Blob
  2. Bluffmaster

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  3. Haste

    Haste Proxy Warrior

    I think they should place the number e in that list instead of that golden ratio
  4. Hacker

    Hacker Well-Known Member

    I hate maths
  5. hunt3r

    hunt3r Well-Known Member

    ^I totally agree :p
  6. Chaos

    Chaos Well-Known Member

    Absolutely... The golden ratio ain't used anywhere :p.
  7. EnigmatriX

    EnigmatriX Well-Known Member

    wells its used everywhere in the nature. It also comes in da vinci code if you have read it.
  8. Chaos

    Chaos Well-Known Member

    Well I know lots of natural phenomena/architectural stuff uses the golden ratio but it pales in comparison to the use of 'e'. Where'd calculus be without it :p.
  9. Sourabh

    Sourabh Well-Known Member

    The only numbers i can see the most presently even in my maths class are, 4 8 15 16 23 42 !
  10. Anish

    Anish Well-Known Member

    Yeah, 'e' should have been included..

    Great find anyways Dip ! Bookmarked the link :D !
  11. TheBroker

    TheBroker Well-Known Member

    I knew zero had to come first. The completest of numbers. Neither big nor small. The infinitest of 'em all.
  12. chip_0

    chip_0 Well-Known Member

    There is no 1 in this list?
  13. Vince

    Vince Boogie-Man

    The most important number to any engineering student -> 45. Pass mark.
  14. Chaos

    Chaos Well-Known Member

    ^^It depends on where you study... sometimes 45 is enuf for being the highest in the class :p.

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