1366x768 vs 1920x1080 : Confused about screen resolution

Discussion in 'Laptop Buying Advice' started by raksrules, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. anu0512

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    Hi, Previously I was using Dell Studio and currently 15z is on my bag. When I got the laptop the first thing I done was comparing the screen (no hardware benchmark) with my previous lapi along with other laptop. I played 720p and 1080p of Van helsing in all the laptop at the same time, what I find the 15z screen was awesome. You can't find difference by playing one laptop even if watched youtube. The naked give you the real view, it will be better if some of your friend having them.
  2. OP

    raksrules Well-Known Member

    What you are saying is right, but i am talking here more in reference to text work that we do, reading webpages, modifying documents etc. For me watching videos will be lesser as i usually watch them on TV connected with either VGA or HDMI cable or mostly in my media player.
  3. JuGGa

    JuGGa ftw !!

    No, the purpose is not defeated. If you look closely, even the emoticons/smileys appear pixelated on a 720p screen, but its not the case in 1080p.

    Yes, it is a matter of personal view. Even some of my friends can't differentiate b/w 1080p and 720p. As far as apple is considered, you better not considered iPad3. Its for "apple maniacs", "sqeezing more than what is required". I mean, more than 1080p in a mobile device ? wtf

    ...if you're not gonna increase DPI then. I'm 6/6 with perfect vision, still I work with 125% DPI. You may want to try 150%.
  4. Pat

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    Don't know but I find noticeable difference between my 1280X800 display on my Mac and 1600X900 display on my work laptop. Everything looks so sharp and nice on my work laptop. Text appears crisp and images also look very good.
  5. jaffa

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    for ur requirements u just need a basic laptop or even a net book will be sufficient for ur needs, no need to shell out 1k $ just get the basic one available in the market and save ur dollars,

  6. clown_abhi

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    On a 15", below are the pros and cons of both the screens based on your usage:

    720p screen

    - Decent Screen Experience. 720p is not Pixellated if you are going for a good brand like Sony or Dell.
    - Texts are readable comfortably and without any eye strain in Office Documents
    - Internet Surfing is a blessing in 720p as very few web pages are actually designed for 1080p
    - Contrast Ratios are pathetic
    - Viewing Angles are terrible on some screens

    1080p screen
    - Excellent Contrast Ratios. Blacks look really black in videos etc, hence the colors pop out very nice.
    - Good Viewing Angles - Its not a IPS screen but 1080p screens from good brands are known to have very good viewing angles especially the Dell FHD
    - Text Size is so small, its difficult to read normal folders
    - Internet Surfing is a pain as webpages are rendered in half of the space and you need to kepp doing pinch-zoom to get things right.
    - Word Docs will have more work space but the text size makes it less efficient on a 15"
    - Yeah, you can increase DPI, but i have read that increasing DPI makes the texts look pixellated, which defeats the purpose of getting a 1080p screen in the first place (Not Entirely Sure about this)

    All Latest Laptops with Graphics Cores will be able to display Full HD on a Large Screen effortlessly (Does not matter if your laptop screen is 720p or 1080p). So, if you are going to connect the lappy to your TV for Movies and Videos and Use it mainly for surfing or office purposes, you should be well off with a 720p screen and give your eyes some life ;) Whenever you are in the party mood, you can set the TV and Home Theater On :)

    The above is entirely based on all the things i have read when i was contemplating buying a Full HD screen for my laptop and ended up keeping my 720p and use my projector for movies.
  7. JuGGa

    JuGGa ftw !!

    Wrong, increasing DPI doesn't pixelates text. (I'm on 125% DPI)

    Again, DPI solves it. And TBH working on docs is much easier on 1080p due to more work space.
  8. Checksum

    Checksum Well-Known Member

    If you have the budget to go for the 1080p laptops, do not think twice. Having just bought a MB Retina, I can tell you that a higher resolution (and quality) display does make a difference. The text is sharper, colors just stand out and generally using the laptop becomes a delight. I didn't fall for Apple's branding and marketing keywords, but when I saw a demo a couple of weeks back, I could notice the difference between high res and low res screen immediately. And like others have pointed out, if you are using it for work, then you simply have more workspace to cram more windows into it.
  9. Ryan Ron

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    In the Computer World, the screens usually take the size of 14", 15", 17", and 19" . There are 3 main screen resolutions: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 pixels. Usually 14-15" computers take on a 800x600 resolution, and larger screens use higher resolution, but this is NOT always the case. Some old 14" monitor can display up to 1024x768 pixels.
  10. Pat

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    I bought a new MacBook Air 13" with 1440X900 resolution. Difference between my older Mac with 1280X800 and this is night and day. Couldn't be happier with the purchase :)
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    Posting via a time machine?

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