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      Android browsers are more than just a necessity in today's world. They are an integral part of the internet without which smart phones would not have been as 'smart' as advertised. The phones are getting more complicated and the browsers even more. Still vast majority have to subsist on less than 1GB RAM on their phones. This makes choosing a good browser even more important. Here we look at five top browsers for the android phone. By all means they are not complete, but hey, you can't expect me to review all the 100 browsers out there. The review concentrates on the speed, ram usage and loading speeds of each browser. It does not address the look or feel of any of these browsers


      The parameters tested include

      1.Space utilized after install
      2.Ram utilization at full load
      3.Page load speed(I utilized the standard page load test here which measures time for initial access and time for complete loading of all page parameters including javascript).http://nontroppo.org/timer/

      Equipment utilized

      1.Operating system-4.4.2
      2.Phone-MOTO E (2nd gen)



      This was actually quite a stunner. Chrome needed 68mb to install, the maximum among all the browsers. Firefox came in next with 40mb. However the least was CM browser, a new entity which occupied a paltry 3.5MB, comparing that to the chrome elephant, it's like an ant.



      Chrome had several simultaneous processes running. I believe its stress on security causes it to open each page in a sandbox like condition. This takes a large quantity of RAM which significantly slows down the whole phone. Even at idle it runs close to 3 background processes, totaling around 100mb, which is still quite a lot. This ram usage coupled with phones with low internal memory may struggle against the colossus that chrome is. Firefox is another giant worth mentioning. It just refuses to shut down, occupying a whopping 120mb even when not in use. Again CM and NEXT displayed quite low RAM usage even on opening multiple pages simultaneously.



      Another result that slightly gets your mind rolling. Here I utilized the standard page load test(http://nontroppo.org/timer/) which measures first access time and time to load all components of the page including several images and javascript. The results were an average of 10 attempts. Chrome doesn't do that bad here, infact its one of the better ones. Dolphin and firefox are out there in terms of load times. They define the ceiling with times two times higher than their competitors. It was not an isolated incident. Ten out of ten times they were very slow, even after reinstalling them twice. Here the king of the previous results falters, with NEXT reaching quite large amounts of time. Why are these results significant.. Well the page I tested with utilzed few images and javascript, imagine the ones we generally surf, like facebook or youtube which are filled with those. The Firefox and dolphin guys need to really tighten it up.


      Well the brief test results are out there. CM Browser scored consistently high in all tests. Overall it was the best. Chrome was stuck in between and firefox.. well let's just say they need to improve a LOT!!The rankings are as follows

      1.CM Browser
      2.Next Browser
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