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      So, you just bought a flashy new smartphone. It can play music, stream Full HD videos, shoot Videos, show directions and even suggest restaurants based on your palate. It identifies unknown callers,and blocks pesky ones. It retrieves your email , spoils your day in the morning with corny whatsapp "feel good" messages.
      It even holds the key to your Gmail and perhaps your banking account. It saves your airline tickets in the passbook app and thoughtfully alerts you whenever sallu's mood on twitter changes.

      Just like Nokia famously proclaimed in 2004 in a beautiful N95 tv advert, "It's what computers have become"

      All that technical wizardry, all those streaming radio stations, those directions spewing off Google Navigate , and those cute virtual assistants have one need in common. These are connected services.
      And to remain connected they use a wide variety of sc devices embedded in the mainboard of your shiny little toy. And all those silicon devices have appetite for only one thing = POWER

      Consider the most commonly used feature in a common smartphone in 2014 and the dependencies:

      Internet/Internet based apps > Cellular : Screen/Digitizer/speaker/cellular modem/CPU

      If you have location based services on Add the Gps chip to the equation.
      If you have a silly feature called "Vibrate on keypress" then add the power hungry motor too.

      All this adds upto loads and loads of energy requirement esp if you want to use your smartphone the way it is shown in TV adverts.

      How much fun is it to buy a nexus 5 and then shut off 3G, restrict your whatsapp usage, use the camera sparingly , install greenify app , kill background sync,and then you may barely make it way through the entire day, maybe.
      Or scour the depths of XDA , undervolt the mighty Snapdragon and boast on boards about your SOT >5 hours (with screenshots attached, you sun of a gun).

      Still the world is moving towards efficiency and there is still hope for you, the children of binary.

      Our manufacturers are planning to solve the biggest obstacle in the world of computing in two major ways:

      1) The classic approach ( C) of using better, faster yet more efficient hardware combined with a streamlined firmware.

      2) The heavy handed(H) yet effective approach of literally upping the ante with mAh. The recently launched Gionee M3 Marathon 5000 mAh powerbank comes with smartphone functions (Yippee!!)

      I have tried to make a list of phones here that qualify in either of the categories or some in both.
      The compilation takes into account data from various online websites, journals, boards like XDA, Mac rumours, suggestions from shopkeepers and friends, and even some advice from guys wearing Croma t shirts in Airports.... I have been gleaning the data, poring over chipset details and reading user opinions for the past few years zooming on one thing that matters to me and you...

      So in no particular order, here are some smartphones that will keep you online for a day and maybe more with typical Indian usage scenario ( It does not include travelling in a train, or getting lost somewhere in Goa when you are only partially in the real world)

      I have included only a few selected ones, Please feel free to add more in the comments section.
      Also your personal opinion matters a lot to this article, so please do chime in!
      Will Try to keep this updated.


      1) Z3
      4)T2 Ultra
      5)Xperia M2


      1)Lumia 1520
      2)Lumia 1320


      1)LG G2
      2) LG pro 2


      2)Galaxy Note 4
      3)Galaxy Note 3
      4)Galaxy Note 2
      5)Galaxy S4
      6)Grand II


      Iphone 6 Plus


      Ascend Mate 7


      1) One M8
      2) Desire 816
      3)One E8

      Heavy handed list

      1)Lenevo P780
      2)Lenevo s680
      3)Gionee Marathon M3
      4)Gionee Marathon M2
      5)Micromax canvas power
      6)Phillips W6610
      7)Intex something

      Sony has been moving in the right direction lately, so are HTC and LG.....

      Let us all pray together that the future is not something like Hitech Toofan 4000i

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