Frequently Asked Questions

I don't like how the site looks

Great, Neither do we! Thats why we have so many themes you can choose from. Have a look at the themes below by clicking on the thumbnails. Or you can try them out by going to the bottom left corner of the page and selecting a different theme.

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How do I lock/close my sale thread?

You can click the "Lock Thread" link on the top right corner above your first post in the thread.

See the screenshot below and notice the red loop around the button.


What are credits and how can I use them?

Credits is a virtual currency on TechEnclave. You earn credits by participating in the forum.

You can use credits for any of the following uses:
  • Virtual betting on sports and other events (Upcoming Feature)
  • Purchase TE merchandise (Upcoming Feature)
  • Buy coupons (Upcoming Feature)

How do I earn credits?

You can earn credits by doing the following activities on the forum
(Anyone found misusing the following will get all the credit points deducted)

You get the maximum credits for the following activities on the forum (in descending order):
  • Create a review or guide - 200 to 400 credits (depending on word count)
  • Complete your profile - 200 credits
  • Create a new thread - 100 to 150 credits (depending on word count)
  • Your thread gets sticky - 100 credits
  • Registration - 100 credits
  • Upload your avatar - 50 credits

  • Create new thread
    • In reviews and guide sections - 200 to 400 credits
    • In tech sections - 100 to 150 credits
    • In Buying Help and Hot Deals and Coupons section - 25 credits
    • In General Talk and other market sections - 0 credits
  • Thread deleted - credits gained above are removed
  • Thread got reply 4
  • Thread viewed 1
  • Thread get watched 2
  • Create poll 20
  • Vote poll 1
  • Poll get a vote 2
  • Thread get sticky 100

  • New post 10
  • Post deleted -10
  • Receive a post like 2
  • Report Post 5
  • Post got reported -5

  • Registration - 100
  • Birthday - 10
  • Update full profile - 200
  • Upload avatar - 50
  • Update status - 1
  • Get follower - 4
  • Get new profile post - 1
  • Receive profile post like - 0.5
  • Daily reward - 2
  • Trophy Reward - 10

  • Threads created in General Talk, Market Sections (except hot deals and coupons) do not count towards threads posting credits.
  • Posts created in General Talk and Market Sections do not count towards post credits.

How do I decide how much to sell my item for?

As you might already be aware, it is mandatory to specify the selling price for your item on sale. If you are not sure how much to price it for, we suggest that you look around for the current market price and then make an informed decision on the selling price based on remaining warranty and item condition.

If you want some help from fellow members on the selling price you can post in this thread to ask - How much can I sell this for?

How to be careful when buying goods online

Follow these basic guidelines for fraud protection when buying goods from another member, especially if it is a new member.
  • Get as many pics of the product as you need to be sure. The seller will provide it to you if he intends to sell it.
  • Speaking to them on the phone will ensure that you have a reference number which can possibly be traced if you want to take legal action
  • Ask the seller to provide reference of a reputed TE member if he can. Someone who has met the seller and knows him personally. Speak to that reputed member to get a confirmation.
  • Agree on a testing warranty and test the product on the same day it arrives. Confirm back to the seller if you notice anything wrong.
  • Ask the seller to provide a snap of the consignment before shipping and a copy of the docket slip with the reference weight of the shipment. This will ensure that in the instance of tampering a shipment, the consignee has a record of the actual shipment.
  • For shipping expensive consignments, it might be a good idea to insure it. Insurance charges are nominal at approx. 1% the value of the declared goods but will ensure that the courier does not mess up the shipment during transit.

How to handle a fraudulent dealer or deal after you have been conned

  • Start a feedback thread in the market feedback section so that both the parties can have their say
  • The TE members are quiet helpful and will objectively assess the case to suggest measures to settle the conflict
  • If you followed the above online trading guidelines and still got conned then you can try to trace the member with the help of the community
Once it has been established that the member was conning you, we enter their information in this thread for everyone's reference -

What are the colorful badges under usernames

The badges are called user tags. They are a like hierarchy system on TE.
  • 0-5 posts - Recruit
  • 6-200 posts - Disciple
  • 201-1000 posts - Adept
  • 1001-5000 posts - Veteran
  • 5000+ posts - Commando
  • MOTM - Elite

Other badges reserved for special roles:
  • Super Moderators
  • Section Moderators
  • Dealers
  • Company Representatives
  • ex-Moderators
  • News Reporters

How to pack goods for safe shipping

When shipping Electronics the best best ways to ensure that they are not damaged in transit - -
Small things which you can remember while packaging the material which i normally follow so that all the material i send reaches the destinations safely.

1)Shipping Motherboard/Graphic Card/DVD RW's, Processors -
Normally the above listed products come in a hard cardboard box so there's no problem with that, but sometimes u get Mobo's/Graphic Cards where the outer Box's are Big and the things inside the Box just keep on banging here and there which is not good coz these are after all electronic stuff which tends to break easily Image a broken capacitor on a Brand new Mobo or a Graphic card.....

So to prevent the above stated problems one can easily use things like Small pieces of Thermocol Sheets(Inside the Box if its not sealed), Bubble Paper (This is the best thing, wrap this outside the box so that the box can be used by the other person) so that nothing inside or outside gets damaged.

Now you have a Bubble Wraped Box , now cover the entire Box with a brown colored tape which you can easily get at any stationery shop and wrap it nicely all around the Box so that nothing of the Box can be seen.

Take a A4 sheet Print out/Ball pen (No Ink Pen or Gel Pen save it from water) the Shipping Address n Shippers Address so with the mobile nos so that both can be contacted easily.

Put this part of the A4 sheet on ur nicely wrapped Box and now use a transparent Tape so tat everyone can see the address where the parcel is being shipped.

2)Shipping HDD's
HDD's are very fragile as they normally don't come in nice Box packing or Plactic packing so you'll have to be a bit creative here

One can use a small Box like a "Box of sweets" normally you can get them lying around easily and then follow the same procedure sated above (make sure that you have a thin sheet of thermocol between the HDD and Box inside which ur packing it)

If you really dont get a Box still its fine keep the HDD on a peice of thermocol now cut the thermocol in such a way that the size of the thermocol and the size of the HDD is the same. now cut one more and keep it above the HDD and cut two long peices and place them side ways basically make a Box out of the thermocol it self now use tape and make sure the HDD and the thermocol are nicely fixed with each other ... now use the Bubble paper to wrap the HDD and then do the same as stated above.

3)Shipping Cabinets - -
Normally the High end cabinets don't require a gr8 amount of packaging as they already have nice thermocol cover on them which keeps them safe.

Now for the ones like Zebronics / I Ball specially the ones with Acrylic Side panels which can get a small crack too which is bad as the end user will not like to use a cracked cabinet at all.

One can get a single sheet of thermocol which is normally big enough and use it.

Normally the sides of most of the cabinets comes already guarded with thermocol sheets so just cut the Big thermocol sheet into 4 different sizes

2 - Size of the remaining space which is open where damage can occur easily.

2 - Size of the remaining space on the Top and Bottom of the cabinet.

Now place the first two sheets side ways covering both the side panels of the cabinet and use the tape and fix it nicely and then place the other 2 sheets at the top and bottom of the cabinet and use the tape to fix them nicely so that no damage can occur anywhere on the cabinet.

Now place the cabinet inside the Box and be sure that u use some amount of tape on the Outer Box so that the box remains undamaged during the transit.