Steam Wallet cards coming to India

Steam Card Steam Wallet cards coming to India


Steam’s wallet system is being given a boost in India, as now MCV India has reported that Steam Wallet cards are officially coming to India. The system, allows you to have pre-paid cash available in your steam account, so you can buy anything from the Steam Store (including but not limited to Games and DLCs) later, just like Xbox points on the Xbox 360 and PSN cards for the PS3 and the PS Vita.

This will especially be of high use to people who can’t use their debit/credit cards on steam, or don’t have a card to use on the same.

The steam cards are being brought to India by Cybergames India. Exact denominations of these cards are unknown as of now – but it is being expected that some amount close to $20 and $50 will be used, as the same denomination system is currently being used in North America.

Cybergames India say that the cards will be available in India “very soon”, but that have not given a proper release date.


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