Samsung Galaxy S3 i9305 starts shipping, packs Jelly bean and LTE

The immensely popular and flagship Samsung Galaxy S3 android smartphone (codenamed GT i9300) has received a minor bump in terms of price and model number as well (new model with new features) as Samsung releases the Galaxy S3 GT i9305 in Europe. The smartphone is expected to start shipping globally very soon. Read on the find out what has changed between the new Galaxy S3 and the launch model, as well as it’s official pricing (as in Europe).

Samsung Galaxy S3 i9305 LTE Jelly Bean Samsung Galaxy S3 i9305 starts shipping, packs Jelly bean and LTE

Samsung Galaxy S3 i9305 v/s Galaxy S3 i9300

Galaxy S3 i9035, what’s in a name right? Well this new tag helps differentiate between this new model and the one that Samsung launched a couple of months ago. Below is a list of changes:

  • The Galaxy S3 i9305 comes pre-installed with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, whereas the S3 i9300 packs Android 4.0 (with Jelly Bean upgrade being pushed to it globally).
  • The Galaxy S3 i9305 has an updated Exynos chipset which integrates LTE radio into it.

That’s it for the core changes that differentiate between the two models.

Samsung Galaxy S3 i9305 pricing

The Galaxy S3 i9305 comes with a shiny (and huge) new price tag of  €749 for the 16 GB version. That is north of €250 than what the Galaxy S3 i9300 retails and it makes absolutely no sense for anybody to buy the newer model at all. We hope Samsung fixes the pricing. It should more probably end up at about €549 instead. Well, we await a global launch (and India launch) and official pricing.

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