Microsoft working on 7″ Xbox Surface Tablet

Right after the launch of Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet comes in fresh news that Microsoft is working on a 7″ tablet. But hey! The iPad Mini just launched! What’s so special about any other 7″ tablet anymore? Well, this one is named Microsoft Xbox Surface. That alone is enough to tell you why we are excited about this new hardware.

Microsoft Xbox Surface tablet Microsoft working on 7 Xbox Surface Tablet

Microsoft Xbox Surface Tablet

The folks over at Microsoft are hard at work to bring a 7″ Xbox Surface tablet. If done correctly, Microsoft can truly enter the mobile gaming scene big time. This will not only bring loads of titles for Xbox Live but also new apps and games and new interest in developing games for the Windows 8 Shared Platform (Windows 8, Windows 8 RT for ARM devices and Windows Phone 8).

A full specifications chart got leaked yesterday which sheds some more light on the planned device.

Microsoft Xbox Surface Specifications e1352288039658 Microsoft working on 7 Xbox Surface Tablet



The device aims to be a perfect 16:9 widescreen tablet with a fitting HD (1280×720) resolution display. This gives it the same output resolution as most Xbox 360 games (not that we are expecting those titles on the tablet).

The Xbox Tablet makes far more sense for Microsoft than to introduce a $99 ARM powered Xbox lite. That would create a new ecosystem for a ARM device connected to a TV for gaming (read, OUYA). We eagerly await this Xbox Surface tablet (which should appear before the next generation Xbox release).

gsmarena 001 Microsoft working on 7 Xbox Surface Tablet

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