LG’s ‘Curved’ G Flex Android phone heals itself when scratched

Nowadays to get a premium smartphone, we’re spending upwards of Rs 40,000 and when we spend that sort of money and our devices get a scratched – there is a lot of remorse later, like I felt when I got a small scratch on the back of my Sony Xperia Z. Sadly, my phone doesn’t have this new feature found in the new LG G Flex smartphone.34020 1 lg s g flex smartphone heals itself when scratched LGs Curved G Flex Android phone heals itself when scratched


In the video below, you can see scratches being done on two phone’s back by a wire brush on different weight intensities, and after waiting a couple of minutes – the scratches on the G Flex nearly gone; whereas the ‘conventional’ phone’s back remains heavily scratched. Of course, this technology is not magic, so deep scratches won’t disappear – although it will become lighter. Not much is explained about the technology, although I would make assumptions that it shares some tech which the self healing cutting mats use. The video also shows that the phone can actually be bent even after taking quite a bit of weight directly upon itself.



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