where to buy lcd from gaffar market?

Discussion in 'Video Zone' started by chromatic, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. chromatic

    chromatic Upgraded User

    hello everyone

    my query is that which is the best shop to buy 40 inch bravia in GAFFAR MARKET in delhi as i m not delhite and i will be visiting delhi soon and i have never been to gaffar market before and one thing more

    i need to know that i also have a 26in samsung boredeux lcd and i wanna sell it when i buy a 40 in one. so do shopkeepers in gaffar buy it and gimme an exchance price for the tv

    and one more thing i m keen to buy a V series ,is it a good one and what is the grey market price for a 40 in V series BRAVIA.

    please every one guide me .i will be really obliged

  2. tusharrastogi

    tusharrastogi Banned

    You Can Visit One Sardarji Its In The Starting Only. He Is The One With The Best Pricing In The Products And Deal In Sony. Also Their Will Not Be Any Exchange Scheme At Gaffar. So Don't Think About That Dude. As Far As 40" V Series Is Concerned Rather Than Going For 40" V Series Go For 40" W Or X Series That Will Be Much More Beneficial For You Because Its Full Hd 1080p. I Am Myself Looking Forward To Buy One. I Have Just Purchased 32" Bravia V Series For My Father. Its Working Perfectly. So Enjoy Your Purchase Dude..
  3. Nomad

    Nomad Upgraded User

    I think you might find buyers for your 26 in LCD within TE itself. Try posting it at the Market section. BTW, how old is ur LCD. Warranty? Box? Location?
  4. chromatic

    chromatic Upgraded User

    thanx a lot for ur help.anywayz how much did you buy a 32 in for ? and what model u bought .and how much does 40 inch x and y series cost? and dude i will really appreciate if u can arrange the shop no. or shop name of sadarji because gaffar market is goin to be all new thing for me. .

    so please lemme know..
    thanx again

    i bought it from samsung showroom only with bill and warranty for 37000
    and it still has 3 months warranty period left.I m in punjab.and i dont think so i have the box.but i do have all the manuals
  5. tech1234

    tech1234 New Member

    I would say.. .avoid Gaffar... it is definitely a chor market...the moment you pay they act like they have never seen you.. The cheap stuff actually turns out to be more expensive. I would say.. buy from legit shops and save yourself the pain.
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