Tata Indicom 4 MBs Booster Pack

Discussion in 'Broadband Forum' started by hmasalia, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. hmasalia

    hmasalia Privileged Users


    I am on Tata Indicom 2 Mbs package, while paying Rs.300.00 for Night Unlimited,
    Last month I need an urgent file to be downloaded and didnt have much time, since the download window was open for a very short while, I decided that I will activate 4 Mbs Plan by paying additional Rs.300.00 for one more, now it has been more than 16 Days since my plan has expired but I have still been getting the same speed I used to get when I was on 4 Mbs connection.

    You guys can try the same and post your feedback, ofcourse I don't claim it will surely work on your connection but you can give it a try.

    PS: I am from Visakhapatnam and yes don't forget to select Activate for only One Month, else it will be auto renewed for the next month.
  2. djmykey

    djmykey Privileged Users

    I have that plan. And I have kept it on auto recharge. It debits money from my account monthly and its ok. Even at that price its a steal !!

    P.S. Does TATA harass you at times to change your plan ?
  3. vercetti

    vercetti Privileged Users

    Err...is this a phone plan, Data Plan or Broadband plan?
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