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Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Buying Advice' started by MegaMind, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. MegaMind

    MegaMind Privileged Users

    1. Q: Budget?
    A: 14k(max.)

    2. Q: Preferred Form Factor(flip, bar, slider)?
    A: Any

    3. Q: Preferred display type?
    A: None in particular

    4. Q: Do you have any brand preference or dislike? Please name them.
    A: None

    5. Q: Preferred input method (Touchscreen, QWERTY, etc.)?
    A: Touchscreen

    6. Q: Camera required or not? If required, please specify type like front camera/flash/etc.
    A: Required a 5MP camera.

    7. Q: Preferred operating system? (Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone etc).
    A: Android

    8. Q: Preferred connectivity options? (3G, Wifi, Edge etc).
    A: wifi.

    9. Q: What is your intended use for this phone(internet, camera, multimedia, mails, etc)?
    A: Too much talking, mails and internet.

    10. Q: Any other requirements?
    A: Don't require dual sim

    11. Q: If you have already considered a phone then please mention the model.
    A: None

    This Phone will be used by my friend who used to talk atleast 10 hours a day on the phone, so the phone should have a decent battery life.
  2. mihirX

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  3. suhailkhan

    suhailkhan Upgraded User

    Sony Xperia U is a better option over HTC desire C if he wants a big brand.
  4. pratz

    pratz Upgraded User

    my friend got a xperia U on my suggestion, she got a touchscreen problem with her device , when she reachd the service center , they said many of those phones are coming back due to the same issue . i liked the phone, was also going to buy it, but then later changed my mind and budget , and went for Samsung galaxy s Advance
  5. itzmydamnlyf

    itzmydamnlyf Privileged Users

    even my friend's xperia U has touchscreen issues.
  6. pratz

    pratz Upgraded User

    :/ that's really sad then, anyhow, there are some other phones as well, like the HTC one V , single processor clocked at 1 ghz, but a bit sluggish, go for a dual core from the likes of samsung if you are not much into looks,( i feel all samsung phones look exactly the same, just few minor tweaks here and there) but you get your money's worth.
  7. suhailkhan

    suhailkhan Upgraded User

    Ohh. Thats really bad. Didn't know that Xperia U was facing issues. Anyways thanks for the heads up. So if Sony is acknowledging the issue, what timeline have they given to fix the already sold phones? As pratz suggested, you can look for Htc One V, Galaxy S advance, Xperia J and Xperia Sola if you increase your budget a bit.
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