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    I've an old machine in my parents place. I think it was in 2001, I've built a new assembled PC for my Mom. Here's info in brief:

    CPU: 1.2 GHz P-III Tualatin
    MOBO: Mercury Kobian 810e TFST (mATX), FSB 133 MHz
    RAM: SD RAM, 133 MHz, 2x256 MB
    HDD: Seagate 10 GB (later 80 GB)
    Display: Samsung 55V VGA (later LCD, LG W1941S)

    That spec was good enough in those days (PC, Samsung Monitor, UPS was 50K). In fact, that PC works like a charm on this day!! :hail:


    There is a MOBO problem since many years - USB 1.1 doesn't scale up to 2.0 even after using ALi PCI USB2.0 card. Well, it's an on board problem. I've tried everything but I'm sure it can't be solved. Because of this issue, copying/transferring data from iPod/USB stick etc takes lot of time. Plus, using a webcam (simple USB 2.0, let alone HD!) is more or less useless.

    To solve this problem I'm looking for any Intel 815 ATX board. Is it possible to get one in Hyderabad? I know it's going to be next to a miracle to find a new one or almost impossible but I believe I might get an used one which supports the CPU?

    PS: that PC is kinda sentiment to my Mom, though she uses laptop and other workstation. So discarding that machine is ruled out.

    Any inputs in this regard is highly appreciated.

    Thank you.
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