my new audio technica m35

Discussion in 'Show-Off' started by evilwit, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. evilwit

    evilwit Upgraded User

    hey guys i recently bought audio technica m35 for 3.3k.they are are some pics 20121218_143037[1].jpg 20121218_143620[1].jpg 20121218_143816[1].jpg
  2. Faraz

    Faraz Privileged Users

    Congrats :)
  3. Black_Hawk

    Black_Hawk Privileged Users

    Congrats and happy listening :)
  4. jhonny.s

    jhonny.s Upgraded User

    Congrats...i am proud owner of M35. Where you bought it?
  5. Hahaha

    Hahaha Upgraded User

  6. blackpixel

    blackpixel Upgraded User

    3.3 k ? from where ? share the link : P
    and congrats
  7. sh@sh!

    sh@sh! Privileged Users

    wow congrats! It folds too..! How heavy are these? I mean can you use them to watch LOC ;) ? and 3.3K! bade saste hain, I thought they go for 9k or something..sorry don't know much about headphones, using a 4.5 yrs old sony xdr-200.
  8. evilwit

    evilwit Upgraded User

    got it directly from the dealer of audio technica india.he listed the headphones on ebay.
  9. onlystruggler

    onlystruggler Upgraded User

    You might be referring ATh M50.

    congrats for the purchase.
  10. blackpixel

    blackpixel Upgraded User

    link aint workin
  11. naresh

    naresh Upgraded User

    congrats,nice dude
  12. blackpixel

    blackpixel Upgraded User

    can anyone share a link to this headphone ? cant find it on ebay
  13. The Knight

    The Knight Knight is coming

    Congrats buddy. :D
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