Mobile Phone Insurance Available in India ??

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by abhifusion, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. abhifusion

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    Well , when we but mobile phones worth 25k-30k Rs , could they be covered under Insurance ?? because its not small amount of money and such thing is available in foreign markets , they cover all kinds of phone accidents ...
  2. taher

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    yes mobile insurance is available on all major mobile outlets like big c, universal, virgin mobile, etc....usually they charge 2% for insurance
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  3. sumatrix

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    but u cannot insure a mobile which u have already bought without insurance rite??
  4. major9

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    Planet M is also giving for mobiles bought from them at some charge.
  5. krackzit

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    I had worked for Iffco Tokio Gen Ins Co. So here it is,

    Mobile insurance can be covered under All Risk Insurance Policy offered by different insurers.But these days insurance companies are reluctant in providing insurance just for mobile because of high loss ratio.

    The best way to insure your mobile is to include it in Home and Family Protector Policy.

    Refer to the attachment for policy wordings.

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    Revert back for any query or clarification.
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