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Discussion in 'Security Solutions' started by GODMODE09, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. GODMODE09

    GODMODE09 Upgraded User

    I have bought Kaspersky Internet security 2013 and it was working perfectly. But from the last 2 days , it did'nt start on start-up and from last night it's not starting at all.
    I tried opening the application from start menu and it just says "loading" but noting happens and then it goes off again.
    Not able 2 turn it on through Win7 action centre either.
    Could my PC be under any attack ?

  2. rahulyo

    rahulyo Privileged Users

    Reinstall it . If didnt work then try to install other antivirus program .
  3. kestrel5915

    kestrel5915 SkinCold

    Are you sure that you don't have any other security program that might conflict with your Kaspersky?
    If you have recently removed any other security software then you can use Appremover (Uninstall McAfee, Symantec & other antivirus software with AppRemover) to remove any left overs.

    Also download the GSI utility from http://www.getsysteminfo.com/ and use it to generate a system report and then upload it on the same site.
    This will give you possible causes, incompatibility issues or any updates required, etc.
  4. panzer008

    panzer008 Upgraded User

    Chk the link Hotfix "B" released - Kaspersky Lab Forum

    On Page 3 there is some registry fix.

    Hope tht helps.
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