Is it a good time to buy HTC One X ?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Buying Advice' started by w1nD, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. w1nD

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    I was going to buy LG nexus 4 but seeing the recent complains and coz of SYW idiots I dropped the plan.So was thinking to get One X as One X+ is much costly.Also I dont like the plastic feel of SGS3..Feels much cheap.So should I buy it if i get it around 30k ? or should I wait for prices to drop after those 2gigs and 5" screen models from manufacturers come in market ?? I'm kinda confused.Currently I'm having Atrix 2.

    Thanks., :)
  2. aquaticbullet

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    I would suggest you to wait. Since you already have atrix 2 all you will be upgrading will be camera. (assuming you are not into developing or ultra heavy user as dual core is more than enough for day to day apps and games. )
  3. greenhorn

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    the atrix 2 has decent build quality, and specs. Recently an official JB ROM was leaked too, and firmware activity is decent right now. would suggest you hold onto it a little while longer
  4. vipulkamde

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    SGS3 is a good phone... But if u want to get a HTC then go for HTC Droid DNA, arrange it from US or somewhere else. u'll definitely gonna lov it.:yahoo:
  5. Nalin

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    Wait for 2-3 months till HTC launch their new flagship M7, then prices of One X + will be slashed and that is the right time to upgrade from your Atrix 2.
    Getting One X + after 3 months is a choice that totally depends on you if only you are willing to wait.
  6. sspradhan

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    ^^ Yep, I'll second that. One X+ is a great device. It has the best LCD display in the market now and after M7, it will get cheaper. So that will be the best time to get one. Also it has 64GB onboard storage and BIS 8MP camera.

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