How much does a cheapest Sony Handycam cost?

Discussion in 'PC Peripherals' started by hellfire, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. hellfire

    hellfire Privileged Users

    Out of curioisty, is it possible to get a Sony video recorder for Rs.7000? A friend's friend was claiming he got a Sony handycam from Dubai for that amount.Assuming even the most basic of basic recorders, I doubt I correct?
  2. superczar

    superczar Privileged Users

    he would have probably got a VHS or a Hi8 handycam for that price

    (since no one buys them anymore, delaers would be more than willing to liquidate existing stock for low prices)
  3. Nikhil

    Nikhil Privileged Users

    not unless it was second hand.....

    The cheapest camcorder on the sony USA website is 239$ ..... I dont think you can get that for less than 200$ and that is still nearer to 9K than 7K ....
  4. Lord Nemesis

    Lord Nemesis Privileged Users

    cheapest in India is around 14~15k. So its a close call but not impossible considering that he is getting it from dubai. My uncle got a brand new VCR for 4k in dubai when the price of same model in India was around 17k.
  5. IceFusion

    IceFusion Privileged Users

    cheapes in India is for 14k ....
  6. superczar

    superczar Privileged Users

    Huh...The cheapes Sony miniDV handycams are around 14-15K in the Chennai local gray markets...

    I have never bothered to ask the price for the bulky Hi8s and bulkier VHSs but am sure a new (and obsolete) VHS cam will be happily disposed by a delaer for 7K
  7. Techie#1

    Techie#1 Privileged Users

    I had seen one mini-dv handycam for 12k abt 2 yrs ago in a bootleg mkt@ kolkata!.So it might be possible now to have such a deal even in such mkts in India,forget dubai!

    oh...,i didn't count,it was my 700th post btw! :lol!
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