HD-DVD AACS Protection decrypted

Discussion in 'Storage Solutions' started by thexfactor, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. thexfactor

    thexfactor Insanely Awesome!!

    Source :
    AACS decrypted
    BackupHDDVD, a tool to decrypt AACS protected movies - Doom9's Forum

    YouTube Link :
    YouTube - AACS is Unbreakable!
  2. Shripad

    Shripad Super Moderator Staff Member

    read that in inq this afternoon. But just saw the video. Now thats what you call kick in the nuts.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  3. thexfactor

    thexfactor Insanely Awesome!!

    Chris Lanier's Blog : No, AACS Was Not Cracked
  4. Kumar

    Kumar Upgraded User

    MODS:Im assuming posting this stuff is allowed,if its not you are welcome to delete it immediately :) In that case,Sorry for posting!

    Ok we all know that the HD-DVD encryption was cracked by a guy called muslix64.Here is the original thread where he announced the news to the world on doom9 forums!

  5. el33t

    el33t Upgraded User

    yes thats great work..thanks for sharing the source.

  6. thexfactor

    thexfactor Insanely Awesome!!

  7. McAgnel

    McAgnel Upgraded User

    Super cool!
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