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Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Buying Advice' started by akhi, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. akhi

    akhi Upgraded User

    A friend of mine is coming from US, and since the nexus 4 is pretty cheap there, I thought if getting it through him.
    I wanted to know that how many electronic items are allowed by the customs free of charge as he may be carrying some other stuff too.
    Thank you
  2. prateekS

    prateekS Privileged Users

    Remove phone from box. That's the least u can do...
  3. akhi

    akhi Upgraded User

    ya,that is fine.
    But if I'm not wrong there is a certain limit for the number off electronic items that can be brought.
  4. funjabi

    funjabi Upgraded User

    Is Nexus 4 available in local shops there?
    I doubt so
  5. prateekS

    prateekS Privileged Users

    Nexus 4 won't be in stock. Have u already ordered or are going to buy?
  6. windhawk91

    windhawk91 Privileged Users

    Nexus 4 out of stock long time my friend. It'll probably be a while before it comes back in stock.

    And, even if it does it'll be available only for pre-order with a shipping estimate in weeks.
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