CISS system for Canon Pixma MP287 ?

Discussion in 'PC Peripherals' started by Mohit, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Mohit

    Mohit Privileged Users

    Is there any compatible CISS system for the Canon Pixma MP287 multifunction inkjet printer? I am tired of paying for really expensive cartridges which don't even last for a month with very little usage. Please help.
  2. Praks

    Praks Privileged Users

  3. aalok

    aalok Upgraded User

    check a kolkatta based seller ink-shop-india is selling CISS for canon. Price is also cheap..
  4. Praks

    Praks Privileged Users

    Thanks, have you used CISS with Canons ? how are they ?
  5. aalok

    aalok Upgraded User

    yes, have used with canon pixma mp258. but the biggest issue with pixma is, you cannot install CISS with old/used cartridges. but, it works great, when used with brand new cartridges..
  6. axeman

    axeman Ye Olde Systems Breaker

    I use CISS from a brand called Formujet based out of Mulund, Mumbai. Tell them what cartridges you use, and they will suggest the right CISS. Using on a Canon MP 570 MFP
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