best isp in kalyan, maharashtra?

Discussion in 'Broadband Forum' started by anuragingle, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. anuragingle

    anuragingle Upgraded User

    Hi All,

    I've recently shifted to kalyan(w) and and searching for a isp

    As i am a heavy downloader would prefer an isp without fup but with stable speeds

    any help people?
  2. v.Na5h

    v.Na5h Privileged Users

    where exactly in kalyan w

    since u have recently shifted ...iam assuming khadakpada
    five net is available near birla college and khadakpada region
    upto 10mbps for 1 yr - 10k

    else there is hathway...
    some 2mbps plan for 800 something
    2mbps upto 22gb 512 afterwards
  3. anuragingle

    anuragingle Upgraded User

    i'm statying near shahad station (west)

    is fivenet available in shahad area?

    my downloads are abt 50-60 gb per month so hathway is out of the question

    any idea how the bsnl network is in kalyan?
  4. vivek.krishnan

    vivek.krishnan Dreams, Gold and XXX!

    Do not go for Hathway, try 5net first. Else BSNL, Hathway FUP is amazing :p . Also checkout You broadband.
  5. anuragingle

    anuragingle Upgraded User

    any contact details for 5net in kalyan?
  6. v.Na5h

    v.Na5h Privileged Users

    there is a office somewhere near birla college
    but i dont think 5net is available in shahad...
  7. anuragingle

    anuragingle Upgraded User

    thanks everyone
  8. tiblu

    tiblu Upgraded User

    Hi m from godrej hill and using five net from few months, I definatly recommend them. I'm using 5 net from last couple of months I'm pretty happy with it. As far as dwloads r concerns they provide dc hub with 100 bucks more with any plan. Call brian 9821999414.
  9. Nikhil Dhoke

    Nikhil Dhoke Upgraded User


    I live in Lal Chowki area, i tried contacting the number above but they say 5net do not have feasibility in my area.
    is there any other good ISP. I need broadband for playing multiplayer games.
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